The 6 steps to a successful lease transaction for the Tenant

1) Define your goals: The ideal space and location.

2) Research and be informed: Space availability and market condition.

3) Identify location and backups: Identify alternatives and (always develop) backups.

4) Negotiate and create solutions: Negotiate each and every item of the lease and understand

    the implication of the lease.

5) Information Updating: Make an informed and educated decision when signing the lease.

6) Construction and follow up: Construction and move in time table. Make sure it's all there and on time.

How do we help you through the process?

We are Commercial Real Estate Brokers specialized in TENANT REPRESENTATION.

We provide for you:

1) Unbiased market research of available space and present you with the best possible alternatives.

2) Over 25 Years of industry experience. We negotiate every item of the lease on behalf of the Tenant and protect the Tenant by recommending viable and realistic solutions.

3) Follow up of tenant improvement construction, and move in.

4) Absolute commitment to Tenant’s project and complete impartiality in our recommendations.